Calvinist Cornucopia Discussion

March 12th, 2021

In this episode I try out a new "live" discussion format for the podcast - think highly structured audio version of a Facebook wall... 

In this we discuss topics ranging from double predestination, equal ultimacy, the Reformed understanding of two wills, the nature of freewill, Christian assurance, cage-stage Calvinism, and even Spiderman makes an appearance. 

Enjoy the show! 

Study on the folk intuition of freedom which I discuss: Forget the Folk: Moral Responsibility Preservation Motives and Other Conditions for Compatibilism

Can a Calvinist Know They Are Saved?

February 15th, 2021

Can a Calvinist know that they are saved? This objection, typically from Provisionists and Lutherans, is a common sticking point in soteriological discussions. But is it a good objection?

Enjoy the show! 

The Fragility of Libertarian Incompatibilism

January 25th, 2021

In this episode, I discuss what I think is a strong defeater for the position of Libertarian Incompatibilism. 

Enjoy the show!

Molinism Redux

February 21st, 2017

I this episode this episode I am rebroadcasting a discussion from the Council of Google+ in which Eric Hernandez and myself are joined by Johnny Sakr and Owen Paun to give the Molinists a chance to add some clarity to the discussion that Eric and I had over on Striving for Eternity that I aired on the last episode. 


This was originally a video call so when I make reference to the slide, please see the attached graphics.


Enjoy the show!





Discussion on Molinism - Part 2

September 12th, 2016

In this episode I am joined by Owen Paun from the Ask a Millennial Christian podcast - a sister podcast from the Christus Victor Network - to discussion Molinism and what exactly we find so problematic with it. 

Enjoy the show!

Responding to William Lane Craig on Molinism and Reformed Theology - Part 1

September 9th, 2016

In this episode I present part 1 of a 2 part series responding to the doctrine known as Molinism, most famously defended by Christian philosopher William Lane Craig. Part 1 will be a direct response to a Q&A done by Craig on his website which you can find here: In this Q&A response, Craig presents what he thinks the problems are with Reformed Theology as part of the reason that he accepts Molinism. I take him to task for much of what he says here.

Part 2 will be a more broad engagement with the heterodox doctrine of Molinism and will attempt to expose many of its Biblical, theological, and philosophical shortcomings. I will be joined by Owen Paun for that discussion. 
Enjoy the show!
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