Calvinism, Atonement, and Assurance

May 24th, 2021

In this episode I discuss if the objections that Calvinism undermines Christian assurance or makes Paul's statement on the on the gospel in 1 Corinthians 15:3 a "lie." 


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Tim Stratton and Freewill - A Response to Defenses of the Free Thinking Argument

May 15th, 2021

In this episode I respond to an interaction I had with Tim Stratton from Free Thinking Ministries concerning his Free Thinking Argument Against Naturalism and why I think it not only does not work against naturalism, nor Christian Compatibilism, but also why the defenses of it typically fail as well. 


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Tim Stratton and Robots with Colton Carlson

May 10th, 2021

In this discussion with my friend Colton Carlson, we discuss Tim Stratton's article about robots that he wrote in response to us... We talk about heaven, freedom, robots, and why it all matters. 

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Leighton Flowers - A Response to a Response

May 7th, 2021

Leighton Flowers responded to my episode on the fragility of Libertarian Freedom... after much demand I respond to him here. 

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Leighton's Response:

The Dunning-Kruger Effect

May 1st, 2021

What is the Dunning-Kruger Effect and how does it impact how productive your conversations will be?

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