Freedway Thinker #7 - Christ is Lord, but Context is King

June 19th, 2019

In this freedway commute, I reflect and comment on some of the ways that ignoring the literary and historical context of texts can lead to superficial and misleading understandings of the text, as well as how this plagues common Atheistic tropes about various Biblical passages. 

Miracle as Parable in Mark 8:22-26

June 15th, 2019

In this episode I present a paper that I completed for a Master's level course on the Gospels. In this paper, I analyze the miracle of the two part healing of the blind man found in Mark 8:22-26 from a literary and contextual framework and examine what role this parable may play in the broader "spiritual healing" theme found running through Mark's gospel. 

Freedway Thinker #6 - Burden of the Burden of Proof

June 12th, 2019

In this brief reflection, I discuss the burden of proof and what makes someone shoulder it in a discussion. 

Freedway Thinker #5 - Genesis and Genre

June 5th, 2019

Some thoughts from my commute on and episode of the Steve Schramm show dealing with YEC, hermeneutics and the book of Genesis. You can find his episode here:

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