Episode 7.1 - Response to Jim Meritt’s Bible Contradiction List

December 11th, 2012

In today’s episode we begin a new series dealing with Jim Meritt’s list of Bible Contradictions found at the Internet Infidels webpage. We begin by looking at the introductory remarks by the II editor of the post as well as Meritt’s own opening remarks.

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Episode 6.7 - Book Review of Disproving Christianity part 7 - Conclusion

December 6th, 2012

In this episode of The Free Thinker Podcast we wrap up the presentation of my book review of David McAfee’s book Disproving Christianity and Other Secular Writings. We start with his chapter entitled Atrocities and Absurdities, move on to the conclusion of Part 1 of the book then finish up by looking at the handful of small secularist reflections (really more anti-theistic than strictly secular).

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